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Support to the e-Lab

The e-Lab thanks its generous donators without whom its endeavor to advance the field of epilepsy would not be possible. Support was obtained through competitive grants to Maxime Baud.


Swiss National Science Foundation

The Swiss National Science Foundation is a key funding agency for rodent and human neuroscience work carried out at the e-Lab.  Current support is in the form of an Ambizione grant to Maxime Baud.

Wyss Center for bio- and neuroengineering

Velux Stiftung

The Velux Stiftung generously supports our project “Day-night cycle in epilepsy” investigating the link between epilepsy and the circadian and sleep-wake cycles.

Wyss Center for bio- and neuroengineering

Wyss Center for neuroengineering

The Wyss Center for neuroengineering supports projects of seizure forecasting at the e-Lab. We also collaborate to develop a sub-scalp chronic EEG and test it in the hospital.

University of Bern

Everything started with the “Initiator Grant” to Maxime Baud from the University of Bern to collect preliminary data on the chronobiology of epilepsy.

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